EHC Conferences and Workshops

About the Conference

As the core PCO for the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC), we are responsible for delivering their Annual Conference with 300- 400 delegates every year. This conference will take place in Copenhagen in October this year but has been in Skopje, Vilnius, Stavanger, Belgrade, Belfast, Bucharest and Prague in the last few years.

We also are responsible for organising their smaller workshops throughout the year in Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Berlin and many other European cities.

We have an excellent relationship with the EHC since 1994 when we commenced work with them to bring the World Haemophilia Conference with 2500 delegates to Dublin in 1996.

  • Dates: 2012 – present
  • Venues: Cities from Baku to Berlin
  • Relationship: Core PCO reappointed in 2018 for further 3 years
  • Delegates: From 30 up to 300
  • Responsibilities: Annual Conference and workshops
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